Saturday, December 10, 2011


10 Effective Link Building Methods for New Websites

  • Saturday, December 10, 2011
  • M. Anandhan Mudhaliyar
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  • Here are the 10 10 Effective Link Building Methods for Webmasters to Optimize New Websites for Link Building:

    1. Alter Your Anchor Text
    Search Engines still heavily weigh SERP’s towards the anchor text of links to your page. Anchor text should always reflect the content. By altering your anchor text, you will keep your site highly relevant and highly ranked.

    2. Deep Links
    Incorporate your link building strategy throughout your site, not simply to one or two pages. An average link pattern shows links to various destinations of the site. However, there is no average deep link ratio. Most sites behave differentially. For example, blogs tend to have more deep links than the average household name website.

    3. Indirect Linking
    Link building success can also be supported by utilizing an indirect link strategy. Instead of solely pointing links to your page, it’s also helpful if you boost sites that link to you.

    4. Create NoFollow as do follow links
    The no-follow attribute of a link has been designed to tell search engines that a particular link should not give any credit to the linked site. Even though no-follow links don’t pass any juice, it is important to create a balanced backlink structure to your site.

    5. Build Links on High, Medium and Low PR websites
    Remember Best Practice Rule #1, alter anchor text? The same notion applies to link building on a range of PR sites. Authority links are great, but a mix of high and low PR sites is the way to go.

    6. Smooth Out Your Link Growth
    Effective link building should be a marathon, not a race. It is important to balance the amount of links you acquire daily.

    7. Diversify Your Links and Link Mentions
    Strategic link building isn’t an all or nothing proposition. So why would you put all your proverbial eggs in one basket? Create links and spread your link mentions across the online landscape.

    8. Use Various Tactics
    Devise a strategic link building plan that ensures your goals are in line with reality. Consider a top ranking with a long-tail keyword combination. It could be way more profitable than trying to shoot for the stars.

    9. Engage in the Conversation
    For good rankings, industry relevancy is the key to success. Make sure that you and your site are heard from. Listen and engage in the online conversation.

    10. Run, Don’t Walk From SEO Spam-Havens
    Today, link farms and tons of link directories are mostly deemed worthless. Don’t seek success in spam-havens or link-exchange networks. When you’re ready to incorporate link building into your Organic Search initiative, you need to consult with experts who understand link building best practices.

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